Monday, May 31, 2021

The Mini Shelf

      I do not have a vast collection of model horses. By design. I do not have the space for a large collection. For the most part I have traditional scale performance horses (and not in large quantities), a few childhood horses, and my minis. My mini shelf is amazing. Ethan made it for me as a wedding gift. There is a brass plate on the bottom that says "custom made for Mrs. Anne T Field".  It was the first thing my married name was on. 
     When Ethan made the shelf for me he got Elecktra to help him with sizing. She took out some stablemates so they could work out how tall the shelves should be. It was meant as a stablemate shelf. It has turned into something else.
      My Little Man Mango resin, named Pacific Redeemer (which was the name of one of Travis's therapeutic riding horses) is a traditional scale foal. But he has lived on this shelf for an extremely long time. And likely he always will. 
     Years ago I had all of my G2 appaloosa stablemates in a nice long conga that covered an entire shelf by itself. I think at the peak of things I had over 20 of them. Then I decided to severely cut down the collection and I now have 4. But there is a new one in the Breyer Stablemate club lineup for this year and I likely will keep it. At least for a while. 
     I do also have a small conga of Django models starting. I really do like this mold. I had the bay model from the Horse Crazy Series 2 gift set. But then I decided to part with it, and I can't remember why. Probably to cull the herd a bit. The stablemate set from Breyerfest last year had the really pretty dappled gray Django, who I kept (obviously), Henrik is from the Breyer stablemate club this year, and the clearware decorator is Navya, who was from Breyerfest 2017 and I recently acquired him. I also bought a new series 2 giftset to get the bay again, None of the others are calling to me, though the original Django is nice. 
     Having such crowded shelves means that cleaning is a challenge and not something that happens all that often. But the shelves are glass, as you can see, and they do start to look pretty horrible after a bit. Last weekend I decided to clean the shelves, cull some micros from my collection, and reorganize things a bit. Now I have different horses at eye level, which is fun. I also took more than just these photos so I can share some more posts about my mini collection. I was inspired by Lynn Isenbarger's (horseimama) recent series on her circus collection. I have been struggling to work lately, so have very little to talk about, and people seem to enjoy collection photos. And show photos. Must be our collective love of model horses. I am planning a couple more mini collection photos and then thought I might do tack or dolls. We'll see. I should get into the props!

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