Sunday, May 16, 2021

Major Progress

     I managed to fix the body color on my custom horse. I really like it now. Most of the graininess is gone and he just overall looks better than he did. I thought for a minute I had ruined him, but I managed to get him fixed up. I also ran out of matte finish, though I got 2 coats on before that happened. I have more coming and as soon as it arrived I will get several more layers on him. 
     He is definitely looking a ton better and I am pretty pleased with him. It was time to get back at the details, now that I wasn't hating his body color. 
      I touched up the black on his mane and tail and started on his socks. I have 6 layers on and I might need one or two more. Or 10 more, who can tell with white. 
     And look, an eye! I have painted eyes before but I don't really remember how to do it without looking. So I went back to the Braymere blog and found an eye tutorial from Isaac Brushett. I did not have every single color recommended so I had to wing it a little bit. But I am really pleased with this horse eye!
      I may have a few more layers of white to put on and then I need to check my horse over and see if he is done. As soon as my matte finish comes in I will get him properly finished, let him cure for a day or two, and then he will be ready for tack! But he is coming along well and I am pretty please with him. 


Lynn Isenbarger said...

Your model is really looking nice! For some reason, every time I see him I think of a candy bar. He just looks like high quality chocolate.

timaru star ii said...

Brushett's is the same eye tutorial that I'm always using (and crediting in my NaMo blog posts)! When something's good on the Web, it doesn't die...

... and I agree with Lynn about the chocolate horse. Possible names: Ghirardelli, Mars Bar, Cocoa Beach, Butterfat Content (ok you probably won't take that one), Cocoa Nibs, Hershey Kiss, Semisweet, Abuelito, Cortes [p. Cortez]. The last 2 are brand names of Mexican chocolate that I am fond of. Abuelito means 'dear little grandfather.' (The product is actually named Abuelita (Grandmother) but your horse is male.)