Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Whys and Hows

       Recently I posted that the day’s post almost didn’t happen. Blogging is hard, my life is really busy, and sometimes I really just can’t think of anything to talk about. Blogging is hard, especially blogging every day. Jennifer Buxton also did a blog post with a similar theme. We both got an anonymous comment on the post saying that everyone would be understanding if we blogged less. Likely. Neither Jennifer or I, or any other blogger, owes anyone a post. This is true. Jennifer said that it is easier when it is part of your daily routine. She is not wrong. I would also add that while I do enjoy that people read and enjoy the blogs, the daily blogging is actually for me. In the same way that I wear makeup for myself. Sure, I like when other people enjoy my makeup, but I wear it because it makes me happy to see my art in the mirror. I also like knowing that I put in the effort and got a post up every single day. I don’t write a post every single day, I often do several at a time and schedule them, but knowing that I have consistently posted daily for over a year makes me happy. I also know myself. If I stop, that likely will be it. I will go back to once in awhile posting. It is super easy to just stop doing a thing. Like working out. I don’t remember the last time I worked off. I took a day off. And that was it. So while blogging IS hard, consistency makes it easier. And as always, I am definitely open to guest bloggers! I have only ever had 1 guest blogger. And that is not because I don’t want it.

      So here are some ideas if you want to help me out but don’t know what to say. Did you get a new doll and you took some fun photos? Please share them! I will turn around and share them (with permission). Did you do really well in a photo show and you want to share? I will totally share that! Just want to talk about a new project? You can write about that too. I would love to post guest blogs.

     That could have been a post all on its own, and I could have saved the rest of the forthcoming babble for another post. But I think I will talk about some donations. I still have not decided on dates for the Field of Dolls Online Fall show, but I already have the class list up and I am already gathering prizes! This batch of blankets and saddle pads was donated by Kathy Wood for the Spring show. But they arrived the Monday after the live results. So I will award them at the Fall show. They are really great, and the black and pink one... love it!
    Jessica Carini donated these stablemates to the show and they arrived the other day. They are super cool and I am really pleased to be able to add them to the prize offerings. It’s the continued generosity of donors that will keep the shows going, without me losing my mind (or going broke) over them. 
      I have a small project I want to get into, that will also require setting up dolls for cool photos. The project itself is super simple and I could be done in almost no time, but I want the cool doll photos. Hopefully soon I can find some time and motivation to get into that.

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Braymere said...

"I also know myself. If I stop, that likely will be it. I will go back to once in awhile posting. It is super easy to just stop doing a thing."

This is SO true. I can miss days here and there, but when it gets to be a week or more, I guarantee I am contemplating a life without regular blogging.