Saturday, May 8, 2021

Things That Make Me Happy

        It's not particularly hard to make me happy. In general I am pretty happy, or at least content. But usually it's little things that make me really happy. Like Bob Ross. Watching the Joy of Painting growing up was always nice. Bob had such a soothing voice and created beautiful paintings as if by magic. I actually learned a lot from Bob Ross and did many oil paintings in his style. They were not nearly as good, but they were pretty good for a first time painter. Anyway, recently I decided I needed to have a 1:9 scale Bob Ross doll. Target had them on their website. 
     And now this tiny Bob Ross lives in my house and is ready to do some painting. I really love the details on the miniatures that come with the doll. The paint palette is perfect, the tiny brushes are cool, and the bucket of paint thinner and paint splattered easel are perfect. Clearly, miniatures make me happy. And tiny Bob Ross is a fun addition to my miniatures collection. 
      Last week when I went to bring a new W4 to the town hall (if I make them take more taxes out of my checks I will not end up paying as much at tax time...) I was really pleased to see this window. Town Hall is still closed to the public but they have this walkup window. I got Ethan's excise tax paid and the tax collector was nice enough to say he would bring my W4 up to the treasurer for me. Not only was this a convenient and creative way to handle social distancing, but the setup is really cute too. 
      This little rock may have made me happier this week than anything else. It was presented to me by one of my seniors. I have been trying very hard to make a connection with him this year and it seems to have worked. It's teacher appreciation week and he gave them to all of his teachers. The fact that he included me as one of them was really great. A lot of students seem to forget who I am the moment they walk out of the room, even if I spend enormous amounts of time helping them. That is a pretty common thing for a para. We are at the bottom of the food chain and the very bottom of the respect chain. Every once in a while though someone acknowledges you and it's amazing. And clearly, I rock!
     For anyone who reads my blog first thing in the morning, sorry I was late today. I forgot to work on this last night to get it scheduled, lol. 



timaru star ii said...

Yay, Rock!! Bob Ross rocks too. I haven't seen his show, but he must be good.

Lynn Isenbarger said...

Anyone who doesn't respect a para has absolutely NO IDEA how incredibly valuable Paras are in educating students. Paras are the backbone of education in many ways.