Wednesday, May 26, 2021

I am Bidder #4

      Last week Wendy Ward of Two Horns Bar Custom Saddle Works, offered a pink and black parade set which she made to fit a Stone Pony. It was pink and black, that was enough for me. I asked her to PLEASE tag me in the post when it went up for sale. As soon as I saw it was available I immediately put in an offer. Shortly after that I was outbid, and then the offer was upped twice more. I had a maximum in mind that I was willing to spend so I set a calendar reminder to check back right before the end of the offer period and if it wasn't at or above my max I would offer a bit more. 
     My first offer was open, right on the Facebook page. After that everyone went with private bids. I have no idea why really. So for my second bid I sent Wendy a message and said I guess since everyone else did it I would try a private bid. So I became bidder #4. Even though originally I was actually the first bidder. Anyway, yesterday I got a package in the mail. It was wrapped in pink tissue paper. Already I loved it. 
    Inside the hot pink tissue paper, was pale pink tissue paper and a cute little bag. 
Inside the bag were a bunch of stickers, several different business cards, and a pink micro. 
     But the absolute best was the parade set. I immediately got Halestorm off the shelf and got him dressed. Since the set was made for a Stone pony, it is obviously a perfect fit. I love how everything drapes!
The hip drops are nice and supple and hang really nicely. 
     The details on the saddle are really well done and a bit different from an average parade saddle. 
     I own another parade set that Wendy made for me several years ago. That one also has roses on it. It may be the newness, but I think I might like this set just a little better than my other one. 
    So Halestorm has a new parade set and soon I will need to get some proper show photos of him wearing it. But first I will have to make a doll. Obviously.

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timaru star ii said...

Time for the Siegfried & Roy comment: "How did you do that?!" As for the doll, it's more in a future tense: how are you going to do that?!