Monday, May 24, 2021

Field of Dolls Online Fall Prizes

      I have been busily collecting prizes for the Field of Dolls Online Fall show. The unicorn ducks were something I found at Party City when I got my newest yard flamingos. These will be class prizes, though I am not sure which placing yet. I know people have used rubber ducks for ring toss so that could definitely be an option of how to use them. The mystery miniatures were meant to be prizes for the Spring show, but I missed them in the prize bag. The 3D printed props were a few things I saved back as well. Since I had a door prize for every single entrant, it seemed OK to save some things. The tweezers are super pointy and should be excellent for performance showers. I don't remember where they came from but I found them when I was cleaning a pile of everything on the kitchen table. 
       These items were things I was gifted. The cup cozy was from one of my favorite LuLaRoe consultants. She knew I would love it. And I do love it, and I used it for a long time. But I have not put a can in the fridge in a very long time and usually just poor seltzer in my reusable (pink cup) from a liter bottle. The adorable pencil case is amazing but I have not used it and I don't want it to just sit. The keychain was a prize from Sweet Onion Shenanigans and was made by Wendy Ward. 
       It's a bit hard to see some of these items but we have horse head finger puppets, 3D unicorn erasers, unicorn keychains you can color and stickers. 
    Here we have unicorn plates, horse coloring books, unicorn suncatchers, and miniatures. 
      Breyer things. 

     These items are meant for the top 7 showers. I have a cool 3D printed jump, a table a chairs set, a couple of desk and chair sets and a couple of shelves. These are items made by HandcraftedbyKari on etsy. 

     I do also have some other prizes on hand already as well. Things I have shared that were donated and things that I got for class prizes when I was getting prizes for the last show. I already have a pretty great start on prizes but I am always open to more! I will even come up with some show dates soon. 

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timaru star ii said...

I keep meaning to check out that digitally-printed furniture. How cool for those of us who dabble in dolls' houses on the side. (Extremely shallow dabble for me, may I add.) The unicorn plate makes me laugh.