Wednesday, May 12, 2021


       I have been super exhausted for the past several days. A doll that should have taken me a day to make has now stretched into 4 days. It is not a challenging doll, I am just struggling to get home from work and get back to work. It's been tough. Tuesday we did also take some time after school and go look at another program for Travis for when he ages out of school. Very worth it, but it left me with very little time to get the doll finished. I will get there sooner or later. I just feel like a slacker for continuing to promise a finished doll and have it not happen. Today for sure.
      I did make a tiny bit of time for my custom horse. I was not super pleased with how his color was coming out so I went over all of him with a bit more burnt sienna shade. It lightened the dark parts and darkened the lighter parts. And now he looks better. 
     Then I sprayed him with gloss again because I am running low on my matte finish. It is also super expensive so I want to be a bit sparing with it. I think most of the graininess is gone and he does actually look pretty good. Not in this photo, but in person. 
     I definitely like his face and neck a lot more than I did. I want to add a bit more gray on his muzzle and around his eye and then do more layers of matte. Then back into details now that I like his body color again. I have one layer of whites on his socks, I am thinking about maybe a star or small stripe (not sure yet), and he really could use an eyeball. Or two. It's almost the weekend and I should be able to take some time to get some more work done on him. Maybe even get him finished up. That would be excellent!


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