Thursday, May 13, 2021

I’ve Been Flocked!

     Every year the National Honors Society does a fundraiser with flamingos. For $15 you can flock a friend. For $20 you can buy flock insurance to make sure you can't be flocked. Who would want flock insurance? As you all know, I love flamingos. They are silly, tacky-cool, and usually pink. What's not to love? As soon as I knew it was possible to get flocked I wanted it to happen. I considered flocking us myself. I told several people if they wanted to flock me for my birthday that it would be an amazing gift. Then I sort of forgot about it. Sort of. 
      Wednesday night I got a text from Brandi, who is the NHS advisor. She said her husband was trying to find our place to bring the flock. No one can find the trailers in here. The order makes no sense to anyone. I've been here 18 years and I still probably can't tell you where certain numbers are. But we were found, and flocked. Brandi made sure that no pink birds came here, just to make it easier not to mix up our birds and the visiting birds. This is awesome. 

      I had to reteach some genetics the other day. I really like genetics and I am usually really good at teaching it. I still HATE remote teaching. It's also a lot harder to teach when you get zero participation. I know that every teacher who has worked during the pandemic understands this. Zero participation in person is a bit easier to deal with. You at least have the kids in front of you and they are not muted. Anyway, I think today is a continuation of that reteaching. We'll see how that goes. 
     Today is also the day my visiting flamingos will leave me. It was really fun having the extra ones here! I hope next year I can get flocked again! Or maybe I will just expand my own flock...

     Did I mention the visiting birds all have googly eyes??? And today is Crystal's birthday. Happy Birthday Crystal! I miss you!


timaru star ii said...

The only non-pink flamingos I've ever seen, and this includes driving in Before-times as well as walking around my neighborhood, are blue and white ones. I'm in central Pennsylvania. It just so happens that Penn State colors are dark blue and white. What a coincidence.

jill said...

In Oregon, we can get them in orange or green for our state schools. There are orange ones my my flowerbed with orange tulips. :-)