Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Black Friday Live Sale 2021 Catalog

       I always forget just how long it takes to do the catalogs and everything else involved with the semi portion of the semi-live sale. It is a ridiculous amount of work. But All of the items that will be for sale this Friday, November 26th at 3:00 pm ET on the Field of Dolls Studio page on Facebook, are below. I have ad-on items, which are in this post.  I know the title says August but I am mostly sure I still have all of those things. For how the sale works, please see this blog post. If you have any questions please email me at 
Little Elecktra is not included, just to show the blanket size.


Cross country kits include vest with attached pinny, watch, and medical armband

Dog sets come with adjustable vest, blank pouches, and velcro tags that say service dog and search and rescue. 

Dog sets include a bed, food bowl, ball, bag of food (with food in it), a bone, a rope toy, and 2 other toys

bareback pads

lunch sets include a lunch bag with working closure, a sandwich, cookie, chips, apple and drink

lunches include a sandwich, chips, apple, pastry, and drink.

backpacks have working closure

Saddlebag sets include opening saddle bags with mesh pockets, 2 water bottles, a map, first aid kit, trail mix, cell phone, poncho, apple, hoof pick and pommel bags. 

saddle bag stuff is a map, first aid kit, trail mix, poncho, cell phone, hoof pick and an apple. 

cat sets include a bed, feather toy, catnip mouse, little box with scoop and litter, food dish and food bag with food. 

Removable helmets. Have multiples of some colors. 

Western pleasure dolls

Hunt seat dolls all have bendy necks for over fences. 

Casual dolls have fully haired heads and the casual western dolls have removable hats

Mystery boxes! No two are exactly alike! LOTS of new items!

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