Thursday, November 25, 2021

Black Friday Sale Schedule

As promised, here is the schedule of when each group of items will post today at the sale. As a reminder, the sale starts at 3:00 pm ET on my studio page on Facebook. A full catalog of items is in this post. And there is also an album on my studio page. 


Lemondrop medallion: 3:03

Breyerfest Kaleidoscope: 3:04

Group A- 3:05

Group B- 3:10

Group C- 3:15

Trivia- 3:20

Group D- 3:25

Group E- 3:30

Group F- 3:40

Trivia- 3:45

Group G- 3:50

Group H- 3:58

Group I- 4:05

Trivia- 4:09

Group J- 4:13

Group K- 4:17

Group L- 4:21

Trivia- 4:25

Group M- 4:30

Group N- 4:38

Group O- 4:45

Trivia- 4:50

Group P- 4:55

Group Q- 5:00

Group R- 5:05

I hope you get exactly what you want! And in case you are wondering, I have made 1564 dolls to date!


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