Sunday, November 21, 2021

More Lunches

     I mentioned the other day that I made a couple more lunch bags for lunch sets. One of them is with my black and white horse print...
     And one of them is with this pink/blue/black splatter print. I like both of them a lot. They each come with a sandwich (it's peanut butter Jennifer...), a cookie, apple, chips, and an energy drink. In real life I hate energy drinks. I think they are basically poison between all of the chemicals and sugar, and people drink them like water and are likely doing horrible things to themselves. But dolls can't drink these fake energy drinks and they work well in the lunch sets. So that is why they are there, lol. And I have them. 
     I also made up a bunch of lunch sets that don't have the bags. Partially because I ran out of time to make more bags, partially because I still had a bunch of sandwiches from when I made all the sandwiches, and partially because sometimes people just want food for the dolls and not the whole set. I like options. So the lunch sets come with a sandwich (still peanut butter) a pastry thing I don't have a name for, an apple, energy drink, and some type of chips. Each set has a different bag of chips, though everything else is the same. These are larger than the ones in the lunch bag sets. 
      I think I have now shared everything I made for my black Friday live sale. Some of the things I shared months ago when I made them. There will definitely be a catalog post that has everything all in one place, with prices. And more info on how the semi-live sale works coming soon!

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timaru star ii said...

The "pastry thing I don't have a name for" reminds me of a cream puff.