Friday, November 12, 2021

Little Elecktra and Her Travels

     A year ago, almost to the day, my doll, Little Elecktra, started on a trip around the world. It was a cool trip, which started with Lynn Isenbarger, in Indiana, borrowing some tack and dolls to do some performance photos. Here are the letters related to Little Elecktra's visit to Lynn:

     Little Elecktra did so many cool things with Lynn, Little Lynn, and Circus Girl. After she visited there for a bit she moved on to visit Jennifer Buxton in Colorado. Here are the letters about that visit:

     Jennifer took lots of show photos with Little Elecktra, so I get to see them when they pop up in photo shows. That makes me happy. She really is a very versatile little doll. 
     After Little Elecktra visited with Jennifer for a bit she went to stay with Corina Roberts in California. She also was visiting with Corina's dolls, Grace and Skye. Here are those posts:

    Everyone has taken such beautiful photos of Little Elecktra and her visits. It made me happy to see her with all of my friends. 
          After California, Little Elecktra went back to Indiana, to Muncie, to visit with Alison Pareis. She also visited with Action Stan, Alison's doll, and they went on a lot of field trips and got to see some really cool things. Here are the letters about Elecktra's Muncie visit:

        Seeing all of the great photos people were taking, and the horrid condition of Little Elecktra's glasses and hair, made me want her to come home for a bit of a makeover and updating. When I did that, I ruined the surprise. 

     Little Elecktra was traveling with a signature horse and it was being signed by everyone she visited. Here are my posts about her coming home and me ruining the surprise:

    And here, Little Elecktra is reuniting with Tiny Abby before heading back out for some more visiting:

    After the quick trip home, Little Elecktra went to North Carolina to visit with Stephanie Blaylock:

     Next it was time for Little Elecktra to go overseas. She has definitely traveled further than I ever have. Her first stop in Europe was to visit Anne Veeneman van der Weel in the Netherlands. Anne got some super cool photos:

    Little Elecktra then stayed in the Netherlands but went to visit with Anna Dobrowolska-Orczko:

    Next Little Elecktra went to Australia to visit Glenn and Jaime Rowling in Perth:

    All the photos were so much fun! I thought it was a great little hobby thing to do. 
     So Little Elecktra was collecting air miles and the horse was collecting signatures. They then came back across the ocean and went to visit with Terri Wright and her dolls in Canada. She clearly had a good time (and by that I mean Terri, lol!) since I got TONS of photos and a whopping 8 letters AND a tutorial. Most of the letters from Elecktra's trips were written by me, with input from the people she was visiting on the things they saw. When Little Elecktra visited Terri, Terri actually wrote most of the letters and I tweaked them a bit to add bits of history and other Elecktra-type things. Here are the letters:

     Besides coming home with presents from her trip when she got her makeover, she arrived with many more items on her return this time. She got an excellent and super realistic desk chair and a lovely secret gift in a cute gift bag. I love doll sized gift bags and have saved every single one I have ever received. 

What could it be?
     Little Elecktra brought home some gorgeous tiny pink things! Terri tells me they are from someone local to her. I have a super cute small afghan, which is just the sort of thing I was thinking would look great on one of the (many) chairs in the 1:9 scale dollhouse. There is also a small and beautiful rug and three very delicate doilies! I forgot to get a photo of the pink hat she came home with. Terri said that was not from her. 
      I wish I had time for cooler photos, but with my black Friday sale coming up so quickly I just don't have the time to set up either the dollhouse or the arena (both are very time consuming to set up). I want to thank each and every one who hosted Little Elecktra in her year-long world tour. This was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!


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