Thursday, November 11, 2021


      I got my Mushu resin from Kylee Parks a couple of weeks ago. I immediately started looking up reference for bullterriers. I didn't want a black and white one, I already have Tiny Abby, but bullterriers come in a ton of colors. 
     The first thing I did was to get to prepping. After giving him a bath I got him in primer. This is one of the nicest castings I have ever seen. My Mushu didn't have a single pinhole or seam anywhere. It was really exciting! I am a very good prepper, but I really hate prepping. 
I quickly settled on a fawn and white color for my Mushu. I got him in a gesso/white paint base coat and then started in with pastels. 
He turned into a very weird looking yellow and white dog, very quickly. 
But after some other shading he got to looking much nicer. I like him. He needs eyes. 
     The pastel dust got a bit out of control, as you can probably imagine, and made some of his white parts not white. So I went back in with layers and layers of white paint. 
    I did give him detailed paws, but probably should do some more work (eventually) on his belly and his boy business. I likely will eventually. Today is not that day. 
My Mushu told me his name was Bosco when he was still in primer. And who am I to argue with that?
     So here is my Bosco, finished enough for now. One of these days he will get a bit more shading here and there. But for now I am really happy with him. And he sure looks happy with everything. 



Lynn Isenbarger said...

Wow! He looks great!

timaru star ii said...

This is a satisfying story, especially when I remember Mushu's original offering.

Braymere said...

I was wondering how he was coming along. He looks great!