Friday, November 26, 2021

Small Business Saturday

     So yesterday I had my third annual Black Friday Live sale. And really, I should be doing them for Small Business Saturday. But I have always done them on Black Friday. Which is a weird day really. A lot of people work on Saturday. Though I had it off and Elecktra had it off. A lot of people are out and about in the craziness that is Black Friday shopping. I did some myself, though mine was all online. 

       Anyway, I have a handful of items that are still available for claiming. I have this hunt seat doll in a navy blue coat. She has a bendy neck so she is great for over fences. I have four removable helmets that fit the Yvonne-type dolls; blue, pink, black and green. I have a red cross country kit. I have a whole bunch of green blankets still, and a bunch of the tan/black blankets. I even still have a bunch of mystery boxes. So if there is anything you are interested in, let me know. I also have add-ons which have a link in the post from August. The stuff is still available, even if the post is old. 

      Thank you to everyone that came to my sale, both the live portion and just to my studio page to claim. I had a good time. This one was pretty laid back, which I liked, though there was still enough silliness that people seemed to have a good time. Today starts the invoicing! We'll see how I do. 


Anonymous said...

How much do you think shipping would be on that rubber chicken?

Anne Field said...

The cheapest shipping I can do is $5. So one rubber chicken is likely not worth it.

Unknown said...

Are any of the little dog items left?

Anne Field said...

The only things that are left are the things I said above. And not even all of those anymore.