Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Western Pleasure Dolls

       And now it's time for another episode of, terrible photos! There will of course be much nicer photos of the dolls and other items I have finished for my live sale (well, that is a goal anyway) but for now here is a somewhat bad photo of a couple more dolls I finished up. I really do like western pleasure dolls quite a lot. They used to be what I made the most of. Last year I think it was hoodie dolls. I don't know the numbers for this year yet. I feel I have not been quite as prolific as I usually am. I am pretty tired. 
      Speaking of tired, I have a cold for the first time in about 2 years (yes, I am 100% sure it is a cold). And while I don't feel horrible, I don't feel the best, and it is definitely poor timing. All of a sudden, officially as of today, I am a teacher again. At least until they can hire someone on permanently for the position that abruptly needs to be filled. With the difficulty of getting anyone to apply for a job in education, it could be a while, potentially all year. Or it could be a couple of weeks, I really have no idea. 
     This is definitely different than the last time I was a long term substitute. This time I was only in one of the classes already. I got the rosters for the other classes, and I do know a lot of the kids, but not all of them. So a week into second term I have to try to learn a whole bunch of new names. That part definitely sucks. 
      I know I can do this, I have done it before, but as I was trying to take yesterday to plan some lessons and figure things out (the other teacher wasn't actually using any books with the classes, so I had no idea where to start!) I all of a sudden realized what a daunting task it was. Why did I agree to this?  I do love teaching, the kids need a teacher, and I have taught biology and environmental science before. I have helped teach chemistry (not that I remember enough to jump in with any confidence, lol) and while I have not taught Algebra, I did relearn some of it to help a kid during the shutdown in 2020. I know I can do this. Just right now I am kind of tired and a little bit terrified. Today is the first day of school... in the beginning of second term. Wish me luck!


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I've said it before and I will say it again - I think you are an excellent teacher. You care about the kids and you are experienced in working with strugglers as well as taking over a class long term. You've got this!

Gretchen H said...

OMG that's a wide variety of courses. Good luck!

timaru star ii said...

Best of luck kiddo! Pace yourself and take the time to heal, and you can handle it.