Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Casual Dolls

     My black Friday sale is coming up fairly quickly at this point. Which means I am in the low-key freaking out stage. I try to have a specific dollar amount of inventory for my sales. People have pointed out that the goals I have set are arbitrary. Yes of course they are, except they are not. Sure, I don't HAVE to have a certain amount of potential income at each sale, but the dolls and miniatures are my business. A business I have spent 16 years building. I need to do a certain amount in sales during the year to get where I need to be financially. And let me tell you, it's not a very exciting place, lol. So even though I set the goals and the deadlines, they are there for a reason. It is really easy to just let a day or two, or twelve go, because I don't have someone else telling me I have to work. 
    Luckily, I have a weird variety of time off this month. Yesterday, the teachers in Travis's school had professional development, so I was home with him. Today my school has professional development, but the paras don't have to be a part of this particular one. Next week, even though it doesn't seem to be on the district calendar for the high school. there are parent teacher conferences on Wednesday. I will likely take a half day instead of hanging around staring at the wall. And then Thursday is no school for Veteran's Day. The extra bits and pieces of time off should help me catch up a bit. 
     Finishing these 2 casual dolls last week put me a bit less behind. I don't have tons of dolls ready for my live sale yet, but I have 4 now. I have so much prep work done I am hoping to finish a whole bunch this week too. I want to at least get 4 finished, like last week. I am hoping I can actually manage 5 or 6. All of that time eating prep work ahead of time has got to be good for something, doesn't it?
     I still have more photos to post from the Field of Dolls Online Fall show, and hopefully plenty more dolls I can talk about soon!

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Jackie Stover said...

Weird time off is still time off, try to enjoy it too! I need a pair of breeches like this blonde gal 😍