Monday, November 8, 2021

Letters Home- Coming Home

       Little Elecktra has really enjoyed her trip around the world. This post is about her last day visiting with Terri Wright in Canada. All of the photos and most of the post are by Terri. Thanks to everyone who hosted Elecktra during her long journey!

Hi Mom!
      Today is my last day here in Canada and it was lively. I fly home tomorrow, but Emmie made it a day to remember. 
      We spent some time outside with the horses. I just love the big Arabian Stallion. He is so sweet and smart. 

We did some liberty work and he got lots of attention. 

     I then got to try riding in the Roman cavalry replica saddle. It is much more comfortable than it looks, and very easy to ride, even without stirrups! Emmie says I am a pro. 

We then had an impromptu party with music and dancing. Some of the girls can really dance!

The music was fun and made for a great last evening. 

Emmie then surprised me with a gift to bring home for you. I saw it, but she made me promise not to tell what it is until you can open it yourself!

It has been a great trip around the world, but I think I am ready to come home now. See you soon!
     Little Elecktra


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ELauer said...

I so enjoy these 'letters home'.