Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Letters Home- Collectibles

     Continuing my series of my doll, Little Elecktra, and her travels to visit friends around the world, she is still in Canada with Terri Wright. I meant to post this letter a bit ago, but the photos and details got lost in the shuffle of my insanely busy life. All of the photos and most of the post are by Terri. 

Hi Mom!
     Today Emmie showed me her collection of models, horse stuffies, and collectables. She has to pack them away until the lounge is built. 

     She even has an old timer and Toy Story collectables! Travis would love them!

     Her favorite is this stuffy horse she calls "fat ass", because his butt is a little more convex than the rest of him. 

     We also played with models and I admired the assortment of minis she collects, just like you! I asked about a shelf for them, but Emmie said they haven't had a chance to make on yet. I think I will see if I can help to make one while I am here, since my building skills are improving. 

     I know in my last letter I said it was almost time to come home, and it is, but Emmie said there was one more surprise before I left. I'll write more soon!
   Little Elecktra

p.s. Before I posted my last letter this happened...


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