Sunday, November 7, 2021

Field of Dolls Online- Specialty/Scene #2

     Finally we have the specialty/scene classes #2, which were judged by Jennifer Buxton. Thank you so much Jennifer for helping me judge the regular performance classes as well as the specialty/scene classes. And for anyone who sees the first several pictures in this post and thinks I goofed, I didn't. Jennifer and I just happened to choose the same first place entries for the first 2 classes. Enjoy!

                       25. Arenas and Barns
Annalee- Hannah Clark

26. Epic Performance
Mind Your Biscuits- Danielle Feldman

27. It's in the Blog
Molly Magoo- Danielle Feldman

28. PINK!
Pinkalicious- Daphne Lynn Headley

29. Trading Places
Hilariosity- Danielle Feldman

30. Wrong on so many levels
Erion- Hannah Clark

31. What Scale?
Bercouli- Elaine Lindelef

32. Other (model) Animals
Sweetheart- Elaine Lindelef


1 comment:

timaru star ii said...

I had to look twice at Erion. Ah, Erion, in Jane Smiley's novel Horse Heaven there is a character who manures in his water bucket. You are following in famous hoofsteps, but I don't think it's a good idea.