Monday, November 29, 2021

Legacy Miniatures

     I forgot about another recent purchase that I could have added to my Black Friday Haul list. I ordered a bunch of awesome miniature food from Legacy Claussen, who is Joan Yount's granddaughter. They just seem to be a super talented family. Not only is Joan an excellent doll maker (and tack maker), her daughter, Mandy, is also an excellent tack maker. And now Mandy's daughter, Legacy, is making miniatures. And I am excited about it! 
     Yesterday my package arrived and I was prepared for little ziplock bags or folded paper towel, which is how a lot of us ship things. Legacy's stuff had a very nice, very professional presentation. I was immediately baffled though, I only ordered three types of miniatures. 
    I got these incredibly realistic oranges that look good enough to eat. 
These super cute strawberries, which again, are super realistic. 
    Let's talk about these cookies for a second. Holy cow these look so real! All of these photos are horrible kitchen table cell phone pics taken after the sun went down. And the food still looks amazing! I don't yet know what I will do with any of it, but does that really matter?

     The mystery package (when flipped over said free gift, lol!) was some potatoes. Another incredibly realistic tiny food item!
     Legacy has an etsy shop, LegacyMiniatures, and I can say that her work is definitely top notch. If you are in the market for some really nicely made miniature items I suggest you check out her shop! I know I will be checking back often to see what new items she comes up with. 


ELauer said...

WOW! The realism on the miniature food is quite amazing.

timaru star ii said...

Slam dunk, those are the potatoes and oranges I bought at Giant yesterday...

Elaine Lindelef said...

Those are so great! The oranges especially, if you hadn't said they were smol I wouldn't have guessed.