Thursday, November 21, 2019

Baby Steps

        I am awake. Ish. I don't feel any better or any worse than yesterday. Maybe I am a tiny bit better. So hopefully I am not getting sick. Maybe I have a tiny cold and it's not going to get worse. I would be OK with that. I had another busy afternoon yesterday. We needed to go and pick up Ethan's van. That cut into my available afternoon working time, that place was kind of far away. But that was OK. My only goal was to sew some doll clothes. And not tons of them. I managed it, even though I was so unmotivated and don't much want to work. It took me forever to get started, but I got the sewing done. Goal complete. 
     Today I have somewhat lofty goals. I need to get a bendy neck put on a doll and I need to at least start getting a doll dressed. I want to finish the two dolls I am working on by the end of tomorrow. It might be possible if I don't slack off too much after school. All I need to do is get a male doll dressed in show jumping clothes, get a coat on the youth doll and do a couple of other pieces. I think I can manage this. I am at least going to try. 
     I'm still working out details for my Black Friday sale. It will be on November 29th at 3:00 pm EST. I am going to offer dolls and doll accessories and if time allows I will potentially offer other things that I am selling (things I didn't make). We'll see. Hopefully I will be able to get everything set up and started for exactly 3:00. Maybe I should do a trial live to figure out how much time I need to get the video part set up. But I am figuring out the details. Baby steps. 

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