Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thanksgiving Prep

      Yesterday in school I spent some time trying to plan out my Thanksgiving menu. Which is always tricky when you eat low-carb. But I think I have my plan basically down. I need to settle on a couple of side dishes, do the shopping and then find the motivation to cook for half the day next Thursday. Plus part of Wednesday, because pie. Though a really good motivation for all that cooking is not having to cook for at least a day or two after. Which is highly motivating to me. 
       Random things motivate me actually. My friend Amber, who is a LuLaRoe consultant, had this skirt in an album of borrowed items with a gorgeous white top with red flowers. I loved everything about it. But I know me. I don't wear white shirts. Because I wreck white shirts. But this skirt wanted to be with a red top. And it definitely wanted to live with me. I am super particular about red and I don't want any hint of orange in it. I saw this shirt in a different sale and it looked like it could maybe be the right color. It's so hard to tell in photos! So I took a chance (it was at a super discount, so the chance was worth it) and when it came in today I was really pleased to see it is the perfect red. Little things make me happy. 
     I also finished up this youth doll today. My goal was to finish her for Kristine, who won my blog contest, and a show jumping doll I have in the works. 
     I didn't quite meet the goal. I could probably have pushed a bit longer and gotten his coat on and helmet and so on. But I was done. Better to let him sit for another day or two (or three) than to push myself and maybe screw something up. That is a lot of white after all. Maybe I'll find some time to finish him later today. Or tomorrow or Monday. He won't take that much more time to finish. 
     So my Thanksgiving prep is coming along well and I think I have the food planned out and the shopping list for the food also planned out. I imagine I will post some of the recipes I use if I like how everything turns out. And I should have lots of leftovers (one of my goals!) so I don't have to think about cooking at all on Black Friday. 
     The details again for my live sale. On Friday November 29th I am going to go live on my Facebook studio page at 3:00pm EST. I will be showing items I have on hand, including dolls, chaps, saddle pads, cross country kits, horse boots of many types, possibly miniature food and I might talk myself into making a set or two of saddle bags. Maybe. Everything will be on sale. I will be offering small prizes or extra discounts for people who buy things, share the video (while it is live) and maybe for winning games if I can think of any. I am considering some surprise items as well. I want to make this fun and worth watching. Let me know if you have any game suggestions, I'd love to get some more ideas! I will also keep the video up through Cyber Monday so people can shop the replay. 

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