Monday, November 18, 2019

Interesting idea...

          Saturday was the swap meet, which was a really cool way to spend a day and to sell some stuff. I got to hang out with Elecktra and a bunch of hobby friends and it was a low-key, low-pressure kind of day. Worth the 45 minute drive (some people had much more, I was lucky).
      I took a bunch of photos of my table, assuming (correctly) that I would use them for my blog post
     It's also a way that I can look and see what I myself have for sale. Most often all these things are packed away in different places. Being able to look at a handful of photos (even if I have to blow them up to do it) is convenient. 

     It was also great to have photos to send to people who were not able to make it to the swap meet, but wanted to see what was available. 

That sometimes prompted a question or a request for a closer look.

In general my photos were just for me, and I posted one or two randomly on Facbook.
     These saddle pics came about because of a request for a closer look. When you say you are selling a Corbett tack set, that can be interesting. This set comes with two bridles, one has split reins and one has closed/gaming reins. It also has a tie down. It is a really versatile set. 

       I got a couple of requests to look at particular dolls with saddle pads that would look good with them. I don't have any exact matches for this doll, but I do have a few that would work.
     I'm not surprised I have several pink pads that could work with this doll, though definitely some are better than others. I need to work on more saddle pads soon I think. 

It's not too bad having a bunch of random photos that I can send to people...
     But I got to thinking, what if I did a model horse stuff live sale? I was watching a LuLaRoe live sale during part of the swap meet. I have also seen lives for Paparazzi jewelry and pearls, they probably exist for a lot of other things as well. I don't think I have ever seen a live sale for model horse stuff. They likely exist, but it struck me that maybe people would be interested in something like this. It could be specifically just for dolls, or certain dolls, or accessories or anything really. If people were watching they could ask questions, ask for different angles and so on.
     With live sales there is also the opportunity to watch the replay. You can't get an instant answer to your questions but watching the replay gives you a chance to back up or pause the video to see something again. Anyway, that was an idea that popped into my head and I wondered if anyone would be interested in something like that.
     In other swap meet news, I was pretty good with not buying a bunch of things. I did trade for a pig and some dogs. I bought a book on different appaloosa and paint patterns, to maybe inspire me to paint more, or to branch out in colors. I got another micro (a shrinky Collecta friesian) to paint and I got this cool sparkly Breyer micro unicorn.
     I also got a couple more dolls to add to my collection of Breyer dolls that I need to unpack. I only got two yesterday, but this is the stack I need to take care of. Mostly they are youth dolls, but there is also a Breyer guy and a Breyer lady. They will take up less space when they are out of their boxes. I need to get to that.
      The swap meet was a great event and has inspired me to see about putting together, or helping to put together, another one. It has also gotten me thinking outside the usual boxes a bit and thinking about different ways to try selling. It also gave me something else to write about. 
       I have a couple of posts I want to put together on different subject that are not necessarily tutorials, but in some ways could be classified that way. It was requested I do another anatomy of a doll post with the male dolls (not Breyer) so I will try to find some time for that. I also told a friend I would show her how I make my tassels. It might not be the same way that anyone else makes them, but I have tied a ton of tassels over the years and know they work, even if they are not "correct". So I am hoping to get to those things soon. I am a bit concerned that I am going to run out of things to talk about. My dolling is not as intense during the winter. Sure, I have less pressure to get stuff done so in some ways it should be easier, but at the same time I have less pressure to get stuff done so it is harder. I promise I will do my best to keep up with the blog. It might get challenging...

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