Thursday, November 7, 2019

TRXC Wrap Up

       The last classes I had at TRXC were all Other Performance classes. This was the first chance I had to put Tiny Abby into an entry. 
     She got to go into the debut of my endurance riding set-up. The saddle was made by Mandy Claussen, the bridle/halter/breast collar combo was made by Sara Bowman, I made the saddle bags, doll, diorama and of course Tiny Abby. 
To save time I put Caramel Latte in Other Performance with her showmanship entry while I was waiting for Maiden Other Performance to be judged. 
Enchanted Eve won her Other Performance class. 
     And then she got champion in the Stakes Other Performance class. I was thrilled to pieces! I have wanted to do an endurance riding entry for a long time. 
     Then because it was fun to try to think of how I could use this tack in another class I put the horse in Maiden Scene with an endurance riding vet check. But I forgot to make sure I had all the things to set up a good vet check scene. It did well in Maiden but didn't place in Stakes. 
      Caramel Latte got top honors in Stakes Scene with her picnic at the horse show entry. This entry almost always does extremely well. 
    At the end of the day my horses earned, top honors 5 times, 5 reserve champions and 6 champions. I was very happy!
      TRXC was a fun time and on Saturday I had a whole bunch of sales. Sunday I had none at all, even though I had a bunch of new showers that weren't there on Saturday. But it was a fun weekend, and I accomplished my goals. I sold some stuff, got to hang out with show friends and I kept my focus and continued to pay attention to the little details of my entries even when I was super tired. My efforts paid off. After I took this photo I donated back all the rosettes. I very rarely keep any awards these days, but I have all the pictures of them! It was definitely a good weekend. I took time on Sunday to write up all of the TRXC posts and schedule them. That way I get to have some real time off!

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timaru star ii said...

Thanks for sharing. Yes I recognize the Picnic At A Show entry. It is fun to see it again! Almost comfy, like I could sit down and start gabbing with them... It could stand dogs...