Monday, November 4, 2019

TRXC novices and over fences

     TRXC is always a very cool experience. This year was no acception. I had a different plan than normal, for a variety of reasons. For several years I would drive up on Friday night and stay over until Sunday. I would show on both days and set up sales stuff on both days as well. This year I realized that showing all weekend would be just too much for me. I have to get up for work at 5:00 every day and driving home 2 hours, potentially late, and then having to get up early, sounded horrible. I also didn't have the option of taking Monday off because I may have to take Tuesday off since there is no school for students. I am supposed to have a PD but if I can't get anyone to hang out with Travis I will have to skip another professional development. We'll see how that goes. 
     Anyway, not only did I not want two full days of showing I really wanted to save money. So showing one day cut that cost in half and staying only one night cut that cost in half as well. I do love saving money. We also brought all our own food so we would be sure to have things Travis and I can eat. I had a really nice showing day and a nice sales day. I also saw some cool novice entries. 
I don't know who this belongs to.
     I was working on this post in the show hall on Sunday and Lorraine came to visit. I got some history. She hasn't shown in 23 years and decided to start up again. She's currently showing in novice. I feel like that needs to stop. These entries are amazing! I only got down to that end of the hall a bit but there were some of my favorite entries.
owned by Lorraine Kistler

Super amazing and very detailed!
owned by Lorraine Kistler
     My first class of the day for me was Stakes Jumper. I took photos of Mocha Latte from a bunch of different angles. It amused me. I also did not forget my jump flags. I will never ever forget my jump flags. 
    Mocha Latte is wearing an awesome pink and black tack set made by Jennifer Buxton. The pad is from Studio Maire. The bell boots are from Jana Skybova and the boots, doll and jump are by me.

    While I was waiting for the class to be pinned I found some of the new Breyer micros. They are really well done. I can't wait to add them to my ever growing collection of unpainted minis. I also am really glad that I don't necessarily keep searching for them in stores. 
     Mocha Latte ended up getting top honors in Stakes Jumper. If I am remembering how this works, if there are under 5 entries they only award champ and reserve. If there are over 5 they also do a top honors. If there are over 10 they do 2 top honors. This was one of only 3 placings in the class. I was very pleased with it. 
     The next class was hunter over fences. Halestorm was ready to go. The tack was made by Jennifer Buxton, the really cool jump was made my Marci Driscoll, the pad was from Studio Maire and I made the doll. 
     I didn't make a note of how many were in the class, but I know it was more than two. Halestorm ended up with reserve champion. I'd like to note the really clever way that the rosettes are designed. They are all color coded. Breed rosettes have a green streamer and then blue or red. Collectibility/workmanship rosettes have yellow with red or blue. Performance have pink with red or blue. This was a really cool idea!

      So my first two classes went well but that was probably the easiest part of the day. It was going to get wilder and more stressful. But I was determined to do my absolute best in each class. I have no control over the judges, or what else is on the table, but I can make sure that my entries are the best they can be. It was a good plan.

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