Monday, November 25, 2019

Things I Learned Doing a Quick Live Video

     Unless you're new to the blog you know that on November 29th I am doing a live sale on Facebook for Black Friday. For anyone that is not familiar with a live sale, it's typical used by direct sales consultants to (fairly) easily offer the items they sell to an audience in a format that allows people to see things in real-time, ask questions and interact with each other. I am not direct sales but I am a big fan of LuLaRoe and have watched many many live sales (also for Paparazzi and pearl parties, though I have an enduring love for LuLaRoe and don't like pearls so only watched a part of one because my friend was doing it). Having watched plenty of live sales I have learned some of the things you should do and definitely some things you should not do. You should, make sure you are not in a room that is too dark, you should make sure to describe the colors on the items because they often do not show true-to-life on a video any more than they do in a photo. You should be interesting and not too stiff in your presentation. You should have your items ready to show and should be prepared. No one wants to watch an empty frame where no one is and nothing is going on. Some things I have learned not to do; do not leave your items wrapped because taking things out of packaging takes time, can be really annoying (Paparazzi has that really loud crinkly plastic) and watching a super lengthy live where there is more time wasted than products shown is just boring. I have also learned that it is a good idea to make sure your family leaves you alone, for the most part. While it can be fun and interesting to have a family member stop in to say hi to the audience it can be incredibly annoying to have someone interrupt for a private conversation. Maybe I will start my video with Travis so he can say hi. Maybe I will have him come and pick winners for me. Maybe I will just make sure everyone leaves me alone. But in general, you want to be prepared with your sales items, you want to let your family know that you need to be left alone while you are doing this and you need to not be boring. I have picked up other little tidbits but that is what I can coherently put into words at the moment. 
    So these were things I learned from watching live videos. What did I learn from doing one? I learned that hitting "start live video" is super scary. I'm sure some people (many people) do it easily and without a second thought. My thought was "people are going to see this. I'm going to look terrible. I'm going to sound like an idiot." A lot of people seem to love going live. Yesterday I went live for just over 1 minute and every second of it felt like I was using a microphone. Most people likely don't know that I have a super huge fear of using microphones. This comes from a couple of things. One being, I don't really want to be the center of attention. I also hate the sound of my own voice (most people do). There was a show I hosted years ago in Region X where the announcer was late and I had to do all of the announcements for about a half hour. The first few minutes were terrifying and I am sure my voice shook (I think it also did a bit in my video) and I sort of felt like I was going to barf. And then it got easier. I am hoping on Friday that even if I start out a bit nervous it will get easier. 
    Another thing I learned was even if you have notes on what to say (I did, I know me, I knew I needed them) you should have them printed in a way that you can hang them in front of you like a cue card. Most of my video was me checking my notes and trying not to watch myself talk. Though you NEED to watch yourself talk, otherwise you are not really looking at your audience. I also learned I don't hate the sound of my own voice anymore, at least not on video. Way back in the 80's if I ever heard myself on tape I would sort of cringe and want to turn it off. I have actually watched my replayed video several times, looking for things I can improve, and I don't hate it. I do think I sound a bit nervous, but that could just be me because I knew I was nervous. 
     I should remember to have a glass of water nearby when I do my sale. I had some water right before I went on yesterday and even though I was only on for just over a minute I still wished I had more water. I also am debating on exactly how to do the claiming. I think I will potentially go LuLaRoe style. Saying "I love that" or even "I need that" does not constitute a wish or commitment to buy something. Most live sales I have seen you have to use claim words like "sold" or "mine" and a description of the item or a number, if it is numbered. I am sort of thinking of numbering items to make life easier for everyone, myself included.
     It is incredibly hard to get a screenshot from a live video that doesn't look super goofy. This was the best one I managed, lol. Because blogs need pictures. 
     I want to make sure to advertise my live as much as possible to get the most people I can to watch. Sure, it might be easier if no one is watching, but there is no interaction that way. I have been looking for quick little games to play and I have a few ideas. I wanted to do a live sale because it is easier than take multiple photos of everything I sell, then making all the listings (somewhere) and then answering questions individually. A live sale is real-time, people can ask a question and get it answered right away, it might save me from repeating the same answer over and over. I can play little games and do drawings to keep things interesting. Drawings and games also give me a chance to give freebies in a fun way. I do love prizes! I have a few more days to work out all the details and get ready. I think it should be fun! At least once I get past the scary part. 
     While I was working on this post yesterday the mail showed up. I really love Sunday delivery, though I am 99% sure I have only ever gotten things from Amazon on a Sunday. And I also sort of hate Sunday delivery because doesn't everyone need a day off sometimes? Anyway, I was out of chocolate chips so I ordered some. And while I was looking for Lily's chocolate chips (which are the only ones I have found so far that are sugar free and not full of chemicals) I found these! I didn't know Lily's made a milk chocolate style chocolate chip! I think they are new. While I am glad that Lily's has chocolate chips I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate so I never really liked the original ones. I tried these and... they are dangerous. They are really good and I really like them! And now I want to make a quick batch of chocolate chip muffins with nice milk chocolate chips. I might need to do that. 
     So this week should be an easy school week. Only 2 and a half days and then I am off until next Monday. I can't imagine we will do a whole ton on Wednesday, though you never can tell. In doll work my goal for the week is to try to finish up one doll and a couple of projects that have been sitting. Or at least the projects that have been sitting. On Wednesday I have to make some pies and I need to work out what time to start the different phases of cooking on Thanksgiving. I need to do one or two more printed ads for my sale to put on Instagram and Facebook and at least one more live ad. I am getting really excited for my sale!

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