Saturday, November 16, 2019

Tolland County Model Equine Swap Meet

        Today is the Tolland County Model Equine Swap Meet. It's being held in Vernon, CT. There will be model horses of every size and type, as well as model horse related items. 
      I'm excited. I do love seeing model horse friends. And model horses. Elecktra is also coming with me. 
     I still have some dolls available, chaps, cross country kits, horse boots of many types, some resins, some OFs and of course, the saddle bags. I have seven sets of those available. Whatever is left after today I will list for sale. I am probably going to make some more when I get my order of ultrasuede in. I think this is the last weekend I have any plans already in place. There is a show in the beginning of December, and I might go to that, I haven't decided yet. 
     Next week I really have to get back into making some dolls, though all I want to do currently is hibernate. Or binge watch TV. I signed up for a trial of Disney+ and I have been having way too much fun with that. They have so many good movies from the vault, and that alone has been worth it for me. Yesterday I started watching a show called Imagineering. Which is about how Walt Disney got a team together to create Disney Land and then Disney World. It's really interesting. It's sort of a "how it's made" but all about Disney. I like it. Disney+ also has Star Wars so I am wondering if they have the documentary on how those movies were made. I'll have to look into that, it was a good one. 
     So I am super boring and hopefully I will have something to talk about tomorrow. Maybe a report on how the swap meet went. That could be fun!

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