Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Beauty Queen

      I settled on my NaMoPaiMo 2020 horse last fall (I think) and started prepping really early, for once. My first NaMoPaiMo horse was a Chips mule and my second NaMoPaiMo horse was a micro mini from Magge Bennett. Last year I became fairly comfortable working in micro scale. I didn't miraculously become an amazing painter, but my work was not bad. This year I felt I needed to paint this Ballycor resin. My friend Marisa gave him to me and when you receive an awesome gift you should do something cool with it. So I decided to paint her. 
     This is Beauty Queen. I posted a photo on Facebook early on in her painting that said it looked like she needed to blend her contour. Amanda Forbes commented "What a beauty queen!" and it struck me as the perfect name. So Ballycor became Beauty Queen. 
     The fact that I am not an amazing painter doesn't matter. I had a good time, I stretched myself by painting a model that is so much larger than anything I have painted in years, and she is destined to be a performance horse. I have a show coming up in April and Beauty Queen will make her performance debut there. 
     To get ready I had to try her out in tack. I don't think pink is her color, so I will likely get her a turquoise pad. I think that will look fantastic on her. Maybe royal blue, I have a braided bridle in royal blue. 
      She looks great in English tack as well. I am still deciding if I want an adult or a youth rider for her. Maybe a youth rider for Western, so I can use the smaller saddle. Though I need to see if the smaller saddle fits and then decide. 
     While I was doing her photo shoot I got this fun shot, which apparently Facebook thinks is a real horse. It gave me a memo asking if I was hiring and did I want to turn on the job app. Nope, not hiring. Though my nameplate saddle, made by Jennifer Buxton, does look super realistic. Especially from this angle. 
     NaMoPaiMo officially ends Saturday. I will miss my Facebook feed being filled with horses, painting tips and pictures of minis painting minis. Now that I am finished painting my horse, and Little Elecktra is also finished, I need to really focus on getting things done for my live sale at the end of March. I did a partial inventory the other day and I am doing fairly well, but I still have a lot of projects I want to work on. 

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timaru star ii said...

Cool! Palominos do look best in cool colors: blue and green. Reds seem to clash. She looks marvelous in tack and you can be proud of her! As for silver paint, have you tried silver nail polish...?