Sunday, February 2, 2020

NaMoPaiMo Day 1

        Yesterday was day 1 of NaMoPaiMo 2020. I spent the day looking at the Facebook group and seeing progress, comments about having to start over, questions about issues that had arisen and just general fun. I love NaMoPaiMo. I had my horse prepped ahead of time but realized yesterday morning I had no reference photos. So I found some, got them printed and got out my base coat paint ready. 
      I have been waiting to get started on Ballycor. It was exciting to finally be allowed to start. But I needed to wait a bit more. I had to put more color in my hair, it was super faded and it needed to happen first. 
     It took a really long time to get all the colors in the way I wanted them and then I waited so it could really soak in (I used color depositing conditioner). It was worth the time I took, I got it done and I am happy. I seem to "paint" my hair for NaMoPaiMo every year, lol!

     Since Travis decided to paint with me this year I was excited about that too. It was funny, I was setting everything up and Travis was asking for his paint! I was not moving fast enough for him. 
     I really loved how much he was concentrating on painting his horse!
     Travis wanted to paint his horse brown. And it is very brown. There is not a lot of anything else going on with it. But it is the way he wants it to be. 
     After several hours and moving Ballycor from the porch to the kitchen, the first coat of paint finally dried. I should have done much thinner coats. I ended up with some drips, which is not good. But the drips are still better than brush strokes. For the second coat on her I even remembered to put on a glove. After I painted the first coat and half of my hand, I figured the glove was a good idea. 
      NaMoPaiMo day 1 was really interesting. I look forward to it every year. This year Travis is painting with me, I have Little Elecktra "painting" a micro mini, and I am working on a traditional scale horse, which is larger than anything I have painted in a really long time. Plus I plan on using this mare in performance when I am done. I have goals! Now to get to work. 

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