Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Playing With Dolls

       I really get a huge kick out of the #teamminispaintingminis posts on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook group. Not only do a love dolls and miniatures, but I love the creativity in them. I love that people are playing with their dolls! We should never stop playing! I grabbed a whole bunch of photos and have reposted them with permission. I have been having way too much fun with these! I may do another post like this in this future. With as few words as is in this one, it took a surprisingly long time to write!

The Doctor was supposed to be priming his horse but he got caught playing! Photo by Keri Krause

Moriarty and his micro Jewel Pegasus. Photo by Cheryl Farrens

Max and her teeny tiny model. This is not Max's first time working on a horse in NaMoPaiMo. This is the smallest horse she has ever worked on though! Photo by Christine Sutcliffe

DJ and Johnny. They have not gotten a lot of work done yet, but they have posted some excellent photos and kept up with #teamminispaintingminis while Lynne is on vacation. Photo by Lynne Penner.

Tony Tony looks a bit upset that he was disturbed while he was working. Photo by Heather Jackson-Lain
Dr. Prickles posts videos of some of his work. They are a lot of fun to watch! Photo by C. Riley

Chartreuse Guy has been absorbed in Lesli's book. Photo by Sondra Householder

Fox and Mr. Sparkles gearing up for painting. Photo by Kelly Korber Weimer.

Tony and Pepper are getting ready to work. Photo by Heather Jackson-Lain

Chartreuse Guy and his horse, enjoying the sunset. Photo by Sondra Householder

Steampunk Girl and her pony. Photo by Christine Lewis

Link and his NaMoPaiMo painting project. Photo by Jackie Rossi

I think Action Stan is choosing the pattern for his horse. Photo by Allison Pareis.

Jose chose his horse. Photo by Jennifer Buxton

Loki would like to remind everyone to wear the proper safety gear while dremeling. Photo by Cyra Niccals

Jose took his selfie with nudie. Photo by Jennifer Buxton. 

Hailey's painting party. Photo by Barb Niesley DiAnnibella.
Jose should have been prepping, instead in stayed up all night drinking! Photo by Jennifer Buxton. 

Jose has not started painting, but at least he prepped his horse. Photo by Jennifer Buxton. 

DJ and Johnny still not working on their horses. Photo by Lynne Penner

Tiny Tony has been one of my favorites to watch from #teamminispaintingminis. Photo by Heather Jackson-Lain

Hailey's painting party. Photo by Barb Niesley DiAnnibella

Wedge working on sanding his horse. Photo by  Nicole Printy

Photo by Lauren Michele Hoeffer

Action Stan is settling in to choose his horse and his pattern. Photo by Allison Pareis
Loki and Legolas trying to prep their horse. Not sure that is the correct tool to use. Photo by Cyra Niccals

Instead of working on his horse, Link decided to go riding. Photo by Jackie Rossi.

Jose felt a little overwhelmed so he asked Bob Ross for help. Photo by Jennifer Buxton.


timaru star ii said...

Oh man a lot of fun!! Love the rabbit on Hailey's chair. There are handcuffs on Action Stan's table...

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I didn't even notice all the fun details! I need to look at the photos more closely :)