Saturday, February 22, 2020

Horses and Chaps and Dolls Oh My!

       Thursday was an insanely productive day. I am not even sure how I made all the things happen that I made happen. We are very quickly running out of February so I decided the very first thing I needed to do was get back into painting Ballycor. When I looked her over she was not quite done. So I got back into the blending. I got to a point where I was as done as my current skills would allow. I was a little afraid that once I got clear coat on her she would look sort of bad, that sometimes happens. But I got a coat of matte finish on her and she looked pretty good. Not perfect but I was happy. 
      I got started on some doll work and while I was working on painting faces I got the whites started on my horse. I think I did 2-4 layers of white and then I got tired. Maybe tomorrow I can get the rest of the whites finished. But at least I am making progress on my NaMoPaiMo horse. 

      I noticed that some of the chaps I made yesterday were starting to lose their Velcro. I think I missed some of the edges with the glue, so I got those repaired. I prepped a whole bunch of doll bodies and got to work on dressing some dolls. I got this casual doll all finished up. She's ready to add to my live sale stock. 
      I also got this historical side saddle doll finished for an order. I think she came out pretty well. 
       I also actually managed to get part of a western pleasure doll finished as well. It was sort of impressive how much I managed to get done all in one day. Hopefully next week can be just as impressive. 


Lynn Isenbarger said...

That sidesaddle doll is gorgeous. So elegant! Getting to ride sidesaddle is on my bucket list but I doubt I will look as lovely as your sidesaddle dolls do. :)

timaru star ii said...

Congratulations. My Thursday was productive too.