Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bonus post! Miniature Paints

     I should be working on doll stuff. Actual doll stuff, not just doll sized things. I am not though. What I am doing is making miniatures for my Little Elecktra so she has more props for her #teamminispaintingminis photos for NaMoPaiMo. Because I am nuts. These are not high quality paints or fancy in any way. They were quick and easy, which is what I needed them to be. 
     What I did first was print out some paint labels. I used these simple ones I found on Pinterest.  Next I copied and cropped in Publisher until I had just colors I actually wanted. I cut them out and trimmed each piece so it was just a bit of a square around the label. 
     Next I took a silver paint marker, trimmed most of the pointy end off a toothpick and painted just the end silver. White would potentially have worked better, but I have a silver paint marker on hand. I guess black would also work. You have options. 
     I left a bit of the narrower end of the toothpick, but took off most of the point. 
     I cut down the toothpick ends to about a centimeter(ish), added glue to the cut out label and rolled the toothpick end into it, leaving space at one end of the label.
    Then I squashed down the end of the tube and I had a fairly quick tube of paint, suitable for your doll NaMoPaiMo setups. As with the paint brushes, there are LOTS of ways to make these higher quality, including glossing the labels and so on. I was not looking for high quality, I was looking for quick because I really need to be working on actual dolls. 
    Travis got sent home from school today with a fever. When I checked a bit ago he seemed to be fever-free, but he's staying home from school tomorrow anyway. And so am I. Which will give me a bit more time to work on dolls. And sleep, I do love sleeping. Hopefully I can get some of my real work done now that I got the paint project out of my head! Though while searching for how to make tiny paints I did see another way to make miniature paint brushes...

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