Wednesday, February 5, 2020


       Part of the reason I started blogging more was a wish to up my page views. Just part of the reason. I wanted to blog more often and I thought about aiming for once a week. I had no posts in January last year. This year I managed a post every day in January. Last February I had 8 posts, I started with once a week and then it ended up more often. This year I am hoping for every day. My goal for 2020 is a post every day. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. I hope I am not too boring, I hope I am not too boring, I hope I am not too boring...
       The other morning I happened to open up the reader view of the latest blog and the view count was at 147,600 exactly. Wow. That is pretty amazing to me. Last year when I made the choice to blog more often I am pretty sure I didn't even have 50,000 page views. Once I started blogging more, the page views started to go up and up. It makes me so happy. And I am working towards another giveaway. I was kind of thinking when I hit half a million. But that is still really far away. So I am thinking of 1/4 of a million views. That is still far away, but much closer. If I keep going at the same rate it will probably be about a year, maybe a bit more. 
     We're in day 2 of NaMoPaiMo. hopefully everyone is still properly motivated. If not, go post in the Facebook group! That is a great place for questions, motivation and lots and lots of eye candy! I am sure we will see our first finished horse soon. Someone is always super speedy and finishes faster than we think possible. I am not that person, lol.
     Doll work is happening, painting is happening, boring blogs may be happening. Live sale plans are happening, thoughts of Spring are happening and working towards 1/4 of a million page views is also happening. I can do this.


Lynn Isenbarger said...

I am glad you are blogging daily - I check for it every morning! And it is most definitely not boring. I enjoy the bits you post that are non-horsey just as much as I do the horsey ones. :)

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thank you so much Lynn! Now that I started I feel guilty if I don't blog. NaMoPaiMo is giving me a lot to talk about currently!