Sunday, February 9, 2020

Micro Progress

         The first year of NaMoPaiMo I didn't participate because I didn't get any horses prepped in time. I am really good at prepping, I just really hate prepping. I also fall into the same trap a lot of people do and don't prep things ahead of time. There is absolutely no reason I can't prep a whole ton of horses in the warmer months and set them aside so I have something to paint when I am ready to paint and want to paint. I just don't.
        Anyway, this year I was prepared! I had my horse chosen and prepped way ahead of time. And I had a bunch of other things prepped as well. It was cool. And it was a good thing that I was more prepared than I needed to be. #teamminispaintingminis became a thing and I was peer pressured into joining in. It really didn't take much to talk me into it. So I got out Little Elecktra and she chose her model and has been working on her. 
     I think she's doing a nice job, considering this is the first model she has ever painted. It's a good thing she has me to help her. I have painted at least a few horses. 

     Part of the fun of #teamminispaintingminis is the photos that people take of their dolls "painting" or avoiding painting. Clearly, this was something I needed to take part in. 
     So the other day I made Little Elecktra some paints to go with her paint brushes, printed out some reference photos for her and she got to work again. 
     Taking time out of the rest of my life to make miniatures I absolutely don't need to set up photos of a doll painting is not something I really have time for. I'm doing it anyway. And I am loving every second of it! And in the end I will have 2 more painted horses. At least. Little Elecktra is working pretty fast...

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