Sunday, April 12, 2020

Customer Photos

      I absolutely love getting photos from customers. I don't care if they are show photos or photos of them just playing with their dolls. It all makes me happy. The other day I got a message, with a photo, from Anne Vanderweel. And I was shocked and amazed! How in the world did a package get to the Netherlands in a few days when a package from this country takes weeks to get to me? It's also possible I have completely lost track of time and don't remember accurately when I shipped the package to Anne. ~~~ OK, I looked it up and it took a week to get to her. That is still really good time! I am looking forward to even more photos from Anne. 
photo by Anne Vanderweel
      I also got this really cute photo from Danielle Hart. She doesn't have the saddle done for this pony yet, but I think the pink of those saddlebags looks really excellent on her. Danielle made the rope halter to match and I love everything about this! I almost feel like she wants to be a pack pony, but have a pink pack set. Poop. Now I want a pink pack set...
Photo by Danielle Hart
      After working on bits and pieces of things I actually managed to finish a couple of dolls. I am working on orders and I'm also starting to work on dolls for Breyerfest. Either the dolls will go to Kentucky, or I will go live and sell dolls. But doll selling will happen at Breyerfest time. In some way. I started off with a casual western doll in a nice teal shirt and a casual English lady in black and pink with cool breeches. I think I am off to a good start. 
     So next week I have a fancy hat lady to make (finish), a pair of dolls for a therapeutic riding setup and... I am not sure what else. If anything. I have a start on all of the above mentioned dolls. Maybe once I finish them I will start on a batch of cross country vests or something. I need to make dolls and a variety of other things after all. So we'll see what I get to.


timaru star ii said...

That pinto of Danielle Hart's is her NaMoPaiMo pony. I love her!

Notturna said...

That is a fun coincidence! Mine (the bay) is my 2020 NaMoPaiMo model. I love seeing so many NaMoPaiMo ponies all over the internet and at live shows.