Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Fancy Hats

     I have packaging goals. I will admit, I have gotten a bit lazy with my packaging over the years. In some ways anyway. For miniatures, everything goes into little baggies and has customized labels. That's kind of cool. I even just designed a new, even smaller label, for smaller miniatures. For dolls, I wrap them in a paper towel and then wrap them in whatever color of tissue paper I have at the moment. I used to then tie the tissue paper with a ribbon and add a little embossed hang tag that said "created by Anne Field". And then I got lazy and I stopped doing the ribbon and the hangtags. The other day I got a package from Kylee Parks. It was a doll for me to dress. There was customized tissue paper in the box! Along with a customized tote bag, and a gift!
      I am thrilled to pieces with my Zephyr pin! I wish I was going anywhere so I could put on a coat and put this adorable pin on it. I have a really cute denim jacket this would look great on. But I am not going anywhere. Zephyr will just have to hang out with me on the kitchen table. And remind me of my packaging goals. 
       I started out the week with some productivity. Travis and I actually had a really excellent school day, I went to 2 of the online classes for my school (mostly to take notes for the teachers) and everything was pretty smooth. Other than the weather, that was horrible. Super windy, pouring rain and just unpleasant. But the weather was not inviting so it was easy to stay in and get all the work done. After school (all the school) I worked on finishing this fancy handler. She's kind of sassy, and looks stuck up, but I hear she's really nice if you get to know her. I really love her outfit. 
       I have seen a lot of people talking about their quarantine herds and as I mentioned, I have not managed to do much of anything to contribute to mine. But that has changed. I don't yet have a name for my pony, but she's all done!
       I am pretty sure the next time I use the earth pigments I will be able to get even better results. But I am fairly pleased with this pony and I super love the blending with her dark points. I need to think up a name for her. I have no ideas. 
        I also got started on miniature candy and chips. I have a lot more wrappers prepped and have a long way to go before I am done with all this. But I have a start, and that is something. I like working on putting candy together while I am watching TV. Though, like most things I do while watching TV, it makes it so I don't actually see all of it. Sometimes I wonder if I even like TV, lol. 
      So Breyerfest has been officially canceled and they are going to be putting together an online event. The details are not all worked out yet, but Breyer says soon. Most people are being incredibly understanding. Everyone's health comes first and we have no idea when we'll get a handle on this current crisis. Having thousands of people packed together for several days seems like a potentially bad idea. Yes, July is still pretty far away and hopefully things will be somewhat normal by then, but why take chances? Similar to last year I was going to send some dolls and things with a friend to Kentucky. My contingency plan was to have another live sale. So it looks like my Breyerfest live sale is going to become a reality. I am thinking that I will focus on dolls, and doll and horse accessories and save the miniatures for a different sale, maybe in August. Though I have to figure out details. I need to figure out when I want to do my Breyerfest live sale, though I am waiting to hear what Breyer is planning for their online event. I don't want to try to have a live sale the same weekend as virtual Breyerfest, that just seems silly. So maybe the weekend before or the weekend after, I will have to see what is decided. I could also just do a huge sale with the dolls, accessories and miniatures, but I really think they might be more interesting to people separated into 2 sales. It would make them shorter, that's for sure. So my thought at the moment, which is still vague, is to do a Breyerfest live sale in July, date to be determined, and then a miniatures sale in August. Or maybe I can see if I can swing a miniatures sale in June. What do you guys think?


timaru star ii said...

I like Miss Saucy. Will she eventually wear stockings?

Yes, understanding about a V-BFest. I would vote for your sale before. I believe there is a post-BFest slump in sales because everybody has spent themselves out. Plus, you are a terrific example (I want to say model) for how to conduct a live sale as it is. I look forward to whatever you choose.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

She will not have stockings, she's all finished (and doll stockings sound tedious to make).

Thank you for your Breyerfest live sale vote! I am starting to think maybe the weekend before. I will wait on Breyer and see what their plans are. And I need to work out some details. But it will be fun! I hope other people might also choose to do some live sales :)

Danielle Feldman said...

I'm game for whatever you decide! Two sales might be nice to keep 'em shorter, as you said, but I want to get all the things sooner rather than later! lol