Sunday, April 26, 2020

More gifts and miniatures!

     I got another gift from one of the gift exchanges! This one is from Heather Visser. It's a hand held rotary tool, which I am hoping will be good for doll prep. I do already own a dremel, but getting everything set up to drag outside is a big pain. If this works out I can just grab the hand held one and go and get stuff done. Efficient. I like it. 
         I got a big batch of miniatures in the other day as well. I have a few more things on the way but I am really happy with these. I have hot and iced coffees, as well as prepackaged bottles of coffee. I have plenty of water bottles for making saddlebags and I have cake! The cake is for prizes for my live sales. It's cute. Some of the other items may end up in as prizes as well. At least a few might. 
      I also got the Spanish riding school guy I was working on finished up. That hat was interesting to make! I actually had to make it twice to get it to work out properly. The first time it was not long enough in the front or back. So I remade it. I added some wire on the sides to shape it properly. For a little item it was actually tricky and time consuming to make. But I think he worked out well. 
     This week we have school again. I will find out soon when the seniors are officially done and then I will have the tricky time of trying to do work when all of my students are gone. That should be interesting. And homeschool will start up again. I need some plans!


timaru star ii said...

Thank heavens the cake didn't all mash up together in that bag... Or the coffee spill... or... :)

Field of Dolls Studio said...

lol, yeah that would have been gross!