Saturday, April 4, 2020

Western Dolls and a Micro

     During my live sale last weekend I offered a handful of discount coupons for new doll orders. For anyone that told me what they want, I wanted to get started on their dolls as soon as possible. I have a pre-live sale order I need to get to (next week, it's coming) and I also wanted to get the new orders done asap. I have to start prepping for Breyerfest and my small stuff sale after all. 
     Thursday was western doll day. During the rest of the week I got a lot of prepping done, cutting and sewing doll clothes and prepping the bodies, but Thursday I managed to finish a couple of dolls. One of them was Lorraine's pretty western side saddle doll. She sent me some reference photos for color mostly, and then let me loose to do what I wanted. I love that. The sort of bronze color from the reference seemed like it was going to be tricky to match. But as I was searching through my  fabric drawer I found my stash of material from Maire. This brocade fabric was perfect! Not only was the color just right but the designs made the doll come together really well. I was supremely happy with how this doll came out. It was a bonus that Lorraine also loves her. 
      The other doll I managed to get finished on Thursday was this western gaming doll for Jody. With her removable chaps she will be a very versatile doll. I love a good casual western doll. I have used them for so many things from games, to cattle classes, scenes and so many other things in between. And the leather... I need to see if that particular seller has this gorgeous leather in any other colors. It's so perfect for dolls!
     Thursday was also an excellent mail day. I got a T-shirt I ordered, some snacks from Amazon and my March micro from Maggie Bennett. And she is cranky and adorable. Is it just me, or is a cranky mare kind of perfect for March 2020? I am actually having a good time, most of the time, though March was pretty long. Usually I have school to keep me busy. Now we have been off for... I have lost track of time. Weeks. And I have all this extra time. Sort of. A skill I seem to have acquired from my mother is the ability to find ways to fill my time. Though I am also really good at wasting a lot of time. It's an interesting balance. 
       So dolls are happening, school is happening and we are having lots of rain which means I have no desire to go outside. That happens. But the beginning of next week is supposed to have some really excellent weather. I wonder if we can make another big hike happen. 


timaru star ii said...

Yes, a cranky pony mare is truly perfect for such a month. Losing track of time is quite normal for what it's been... I Love your Western Sidesaddle doll! At first glance I thought those insets were tooled leather.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I totally wish I could do tooled leather insets!