Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Matter of Lighting

     Last Saturday I did some photos, just for fun, and played with lighting a bit. I decided to try out my ring light and see what I could do with that. I also got some fairy wings in the mail and decided to try them on a doll, just for fun. I have plans to make myself a fairy princess doll. Now I just need a unicorn bridle. I think that will be perfect. 
     The first photo was taken with just the ring light. I set my phone in the holder, right in the center of the ring. These photos are OK, but I still have a lot of shadows and the photo is a bit dark. 
      For this next one I got out my old shop lights, which I used for indoor "studio" photos for years. I used one shop light (couldn't reach more outlets to use more than one) and the ring light. I had more light but immediately the photos look much darker and have a yellow tint to them. I really hate how this one came out. 
     For this next one I set the ring light fairly close to the doll and reached through it, so the light was behind the phone, and took the photo that way. This is my favorite of this series. Though it is still not amazing and the setup would not work for performance photos. But it is a bit of photo progress. 
     I did not get my lighting issues all settled and I am still considering getting a pair of the soft box lights for doing indoor performance photos. My arena is still in Russia so I am not in a huge rush to get lights. But I do think that might be the way I go. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my fun photos of a hoodie doll wearing a set of fairy wings. 


timaru star ii said...

I love that line 'my arena is still in Russia.' It only makes sense in this hobby.

Good work on the lights; I never would've thought to reach through the ring.

Danielle Feldman said...

That last photo turned out really well! I bought soft boxes with photography bulbs and think they're too yellow, so not sure if it will give you the lighting you're hoping for - or maybe it will? I feel like lighting is as important as tacking up right!