Wednesday, December 2, 2020


     I'm back into doing things in batches. Sometimes it's just an efficient way to work. I have a bunch of new orders from my Black Friday sale, so I am starting to work on the heads. I have this cool teal one done. I also ordered some more fun colors that should be here on Friday I think. 
     I got this redhead done. I also got part of a brunette done. I have a whole bunch to go, but it's a nice start. I think I have several more brunettes and I don't remember what else. 
        I have also been picking away at these heads for a separate project. I don't love nylon hair, or full roots, but these came out pretty well. I am really pleased with their faces at least. 
      The hair is a low heat type nylon so I either run them under hot tap water, or very gently heated in the microwave (the water, not the heads!). These heads have all been treated and now I am hoping to "train" the hair to lay flat. Once they are dry they will be finished and ready to head out. And I am excited, I can get another project knocked off my list. 
     Sometimes working in batches is very boring, but hairing a bunch of heads all in the same day was not too bad. I took breaks when it started to bug me too much and I got a decent amount done. I still have plenty to go, but I don't need to rush it. I think perhaps the next thing I do will be to start on a ton of hoodie dolls. 

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