Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This is Jennifer’s Fault

     Some day last week I happened to see a post somewhere on Facebook about some miniatures Jennifer Buxton had, or a link she posted to find some, I am not sure. Somewhere in the comments Jennifer posted the link to Sinny's Mini Art, which is a miniatures site I have never before been to. Damn. So of course I went to it and I started scrolling through pages and pages of miniatures. I also added lots of them to my cart. Why do I need miniature shampoo and conditioner? I don't. But I might some day. And clearly I will find a need for the laundry basket, thermos, dish soap, fountain soda and the phone on the selfie stick. The paints I clearly need for NaMoPaiMo, because even though I sold several of this exact set at my miniatures sale, I didn't keep any for myself. So for sure, this is definitely Jennifer's fault. 

      This tiny barn is also most certainly Jennifer's fault. Because she has one in a really cool photo she took and I wanted one. Isn't that how it works? I searched ebay for them and several other places but couldn't find anything that was nice. But one of the first things on the Sinny's homepage when I went were laser cut houses. I figured I would do a search for a barn. It was the first thing that went into the cart. I am so happy!
     I also realized that now I have a barn that needs building. Which means I can participate in the Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge on Facebook. This barn definitely needs some raising. I didn't think I would be able to actually play along with everyone because I don't have a barn to refurbish or decorate and my arena is already built, I am just waiting for it to arrive. But then while I was taking photos thinking about doing this post I realized I HAVE a barn! And if I hurry up I can get this tiny thing built AND decorated! How fun would that be? I don't know if any of it will happen, but I can make an effort. 
     So thank you Jennifer for being my enabler and telling me of more miniature sites that I just need to look through. I love my tiny things! Any more recommendations?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I've also been browsing miniatures sites like nuts lately. What scale do you buy to accompany 1:9? It's very difficult for me tell what will look ok, and what will be hilariously out of scale just from looking at photos on the web.

Anne Field said...

You sort of don’t know. Some places sell 1:9 scale (mego or wrestler sites most often) but a lot of it is going by measurements and crossing your fingers that it works.

timaru star ii said...

That laundry basket is a work of art.

Nichelle said...

The tiny barn!! Thank you for sharing the link. :)

Braymere said...

That site is a dangerous treasure trove. Sorry/not sorry.