Wednesday, December 23, 2020


      I have been a bit concerned about packages for the past month. USPS is incredibly backed up, understaffed and overwhelmed with mail. I added to that a bit by shipping over 100 packages within the first 2 weeks of December. Oops. Some things are delayed, sitting in distribution centers. And some things get through with surprising speed. My new horse got to me in record time. But the fairy doll seems to be sitting in New Jersey last I checked.
     I got a package in the mail from Heather Moss. I was not expecting anything from Heather so I was definitely curious. It turns out Heather was my Santa for a hobby gift exchange I am a part of. She completely spoiled me and came up with some great gift ideas! This was definitely a fun mail day. 

    I also have been tagged in several posts lately from people receiving their Field of Dolls Online show prizes. I forgot to take note of who the pics belong to (bad Anne!)
     It made me happy to see happy posts of people getting their prize packs. 
     And it definitely made me happy to see that the mail arriving at it's destinations. At least some of the time. I have some things that are wandering the country or just sitting. It is definitely nice to see some things are making it home. 
      I was especially happy to see that the head I haired for Allison Pareis arrived safely. She is going to be making herself an Action Allison doll, to go with her Action Stan doll, but she was not sure how to hair the head. Lucky for Allison I can do rooted hair, her undercut didn't intimidate me, and I have found hot pink viscose. I think they look great together!
     There are still some packages I have mailed that have not arrived at their destinations. There are still some things I have purchased that seem to be just sitting in different places. But I think slowly the mail can start to catch up again. I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing gets lost while we wait for that. 

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timaru star ii said...

And in the pile of possibilities, mail that was delivered but has not been picked up, because that's a trip into town and thus raises risk. It's a small but real percentage (both the mail and the risk!).

I love how you can accommodate pink hair. Go Anne!