Saturday, December 26, 2020

Maybe Next Year

     There is no denying that 2020 has been an incredibly strange year. So much got canceled and we had to find so many ways to make things work in new ways. For the most part I think we have done a really great job of things. Nothing is like it was, at least currently, but people are basically creative and have found ways. I do like that.
     I got to have a short socially distant visit with my friend Angelique on Christmas Eve (day). We exchanged gifts and one of the things she gave me was this beautiful little tree. I think they are called water trees, or water dancer trees. I don't remember. But it has glitter in it and there is a fan or something that makes a little vortex. Different colored lights bounce of the glitter and the speed of the swirling water is not always the same. It is super pretty and really fun to watch. It is also hard to photograph.

     For many years I have been thinking that I really wanted to have a 1:9 scale Christmas tree and fireplace. I thought it would be fun to do some Christmas photos with my dolls. I still have not gotten around to making or buying a fireplace, but I did buy a tree this year. And I bought a set of decorations for the tiny tree... and they took forever to get here because USPS is super backed up. I also still don't have a good setup for taking photos indoors. But I got the ornaments, got my little tree decorated and maybe next year I can get some nice photos. I can also undecorate the tree and do a nicer job with it. This is sort of messy. 
     My arena is still in Russia and the package of show prizes I mailed to Germany is stuck in customs. I don't know if that is because of something I did wrong on the label or because they are also backed up on things. I just don't know. But maybe next year the mail will all get figured out, my arena will arrive and I will figure out my indoor lighting so I can do some nice photos. That would be fantastic. 

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