Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Makeup on a Horse

     Saturday I decided I was going to pastel my Maple Stirrup while I was at the Mares in Black Zoom party. It was fun and I actually finished him up on Sunday morning. I like how he came out. I was using my earth pigments, which were a NaMoPaiMo prize (and AWESOME) and I didn't love how the black was coming out. So I grabbed one of my JSC eyeshadow palettes because they are incredibly pigmented. And that worked really nicely. I had so much fun working on a horse that on Sunday I decided to work on another one. I already have my Jewel micro in a base coat and she was the one I chose. 
     The difference this time around was I jumped right in with an eyeshadow palette. It was another JSC palette, and is basically perfect horse colors. 
      I have a lot of experience playing with eyeshadow, layering and blending, and I really loved how easily the color was coming together on this horse. 
      Something happened during NaMoPaiMo a few years back. I went from being a really bad painter to being an OK painter. Which doesn't mean I can't screw up a horse at a moments notice, but it means that sometimes things come together in a pleasing way. I am not all of a sudden going to run out and take commissions, but I have been making horses that I am proud of. I like that. And I like eyeshadow. 
     I made super thinned down white paint to get the socks and blaze on Jewel. I made a joke about working on my 8,000 layers of white. 
      By Monday I think I was talking about 8,000,000 layers of white. It took forever. Though finally I got to a point where I felt it was enough. I should check her out again and see if I was wrong. It's possible. I am glad her legs are so small. 
       Monday night I got to her mane and tail. I have no idea if that bit of mane on the right side of her neck is actually mane or if it is a line of glue. She was one of the micros that fell off my shelf this summer during some home repairs. Her head popped right off. But it also lined up really nicely to go back on. I think maybe that is mane. It is now anyway. 
      Yesterday I brought Jewel out to get some matte finish on her (again, so much finish happened during the eyeshadow portion of the show) so I could call her done. I am pretty proud of this little horse. She is not LSQ and I don't care at all. I painted a little horse because I wanted to. Not because I wanted to sell her or to win something with her at a show, but just for fun. This is 2 horses I have managed to finish for myself in a 3 day time period. I am pretty proud. 
     I have a couple more models in base coats and a few that are at least prepped, or partially prepped. Sometime this week I might find some time to work on someone else. I have a micro Duke that wants to be a dappled gray. That sort of terrifies me. 


timaru star ii said...

Given the tone of this whole post, those last 2 sentences are wonderful. Dapple grey terrifies me too, but thanks to NMPM, it is no longer verboten.

Grace M. said...

Ooooh, this intrigues me! I really want to give it a go!