Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Field of Dolls Specialty/Scene class winners (Marisa)

     I really enjoyed holding the Field of Dolls Online Show. I only planned on showcasing the champs, reserve champs and the winners of the triple judged specialty/scene class. I might do some more posts on the show. Or maybe I will start posting about the Spring show. Until then, enjoy Marisa's 1st place choice. 
19. Dolls
Someday… Corina Roberts

20. Food
Hollywood Bling – Danielle Feldman

21. Miniatures
LBR Heavy Sun – Juliane Garstka

                                                                           22. Projects
DIY Horse – Evie Burnett

23. Funny
Horse Styles of the 50s – Hannah Clark (Judge’s Note: I’m a HUGE Far Side fan!)

24. Other

LBR Rain Serenade – Juliane Garstka



Mini Hoofbeats Studio said...

I recognize that Project anatomy horse kit! I have one sitting on my desk being customized! Not done yet - hoping to have the skeleton done by NaMoPaiMo 2021 (the innards/organs were done for 2020).

timaru star ii said...

I have always enjoyed Juliane's photographs. I agree this last one is just spectacular -- it's the lighting.