Saturday, December 5, 2020

Field of Dolls Online Judge's Choice

     The Field of Dolls Online Show (2020) wrapped up yesterday. So now I get to start blogging about the show. Perfect timing too, since I am a bit tired after working so much for so long, and this will allow me to have a bit of a break from thinking too deeply on what to write or feeling bad I have not gotten much work done so don't have a lot to say. To start things off I am going to talk about the judge's choice entries. 
      This first one was my choice. I loved so many photos in the show but I got a big kick out of this one, Hollywood Bling owned by Danielle Feldman. Her caption was: Getting ready for the Field of Dolls Black Friday Sale! Snacks, drinks and all devices at the ready! (Gotta see which device streams the fastest). I saw this entry for the first time just before my sale. And it made me laugh a lot. Not only is it a nod to my studio, and another studio event, but it has so many miniatures and it was well put together. The horse looks just as interested in what is going on online as the doll. I do have questions about the need for the handcuffs and rubber chicken...
     This next choice was from Liesl Dalpe. And it was not just one entry but the horse. Liesl chose Touch of Red owned by Jennifer Buxton due to extreme creativity in use of an OF model. I have to agree, these photos are incredibly creative!
     Marisa Spence asked me if she really could only choose just one. I said we could swing two of them. Her serious choice, which is her favorite entry, was LBR Rain Serenade owned by Juliane Garstka. She said it is beautiful and she would actually print this one to hang on her wall. Again, I have to agree. This photo is amazing and amazingly realistic. Juliane should consider doing a calendar with some of her lovely photos!
     Marisa's other choice was this one, Chocolate Never Lies owned by Anne Van der Meer. She commented that if it had been marked as a jumper entry instead of a cross country entry it might have been in the ribbons. This is definitely an unusual jump! It really is amazing!
     Thank you to everyone that entered the first Field of Dolls Online show. Yes, I said first. I am already planning another for the Spring and I have settled on April, but not a day just yet. I have a new class list just about ready, which I will post on the Field of Dolls Online page on Facebook, and perhaps here, as soon as I am sure I like it. I have already tweaked it several times so who knows how many more times I will change things. If at all. 


Braymere said...

Danielle's photo was one of those, "I wish I had thought of that!" pictures. Great idea and execution. Juliane's photos have always been awesome, and I truly love Anne's Mixed Scale jumper. <3

Heather said...

Aw...a photo show in April...could be a good time to dip my toes into the Photo Showing arena!

timaru star ii said...

If this is just the preview to the Field Of Dolls show, my mouth is open and my hat is in the air. (The jaw hair on the mustang is astonishing.) Awesome stuff!!