Friday, December 25, 2020

Just Keep Swimming

     I am still a bit tired and sort of burnt out from all of the work I did leading up to my Black Friday sale and the Field of Dolls online show. There was also a ton of work after the show. All of the sales items went out weeks ago, and all of the show prizes as well. But the mail is super backed up and things are in limbo in a lot of places. I have seen more and more posts with people saying their prizes have arrived. That makes me happy. Maybe USPS can dig out sooner or later. That is my hope. 
     I have not stopped working on dolls completely. Everything is just at a much slower pace. I had to order some more doll bodies because I am nearly out. I pieced together several dolls the other day from Quinns, Gracies, Olivias and probably some Yvonne parts thrown in as well. I have a variety of spare parts. Anyway, I ordered some more Olivia dolls and when the Ellie dolls are available I have a bunch of those coming. For now I will work at a slower pace and piece together dolls. 
    I also got a bit of sewing done. I have some more hoodie dolls ready for dressing and a few other things. But I am not in a super rush. They will all get done in a reasonable amount of time. 
     I did finish up a couple of dolls recently. The Arab rider needs a few things tweaked on him but that won't take long. The showmanship doll is all set. I can almost call this order done. Which is nice. Finishing an order is like being able to cross something off a to-do list. Moving an order to the finished section is a simple thing, takes very little time, but seems as big as crossing something off a list. For anyone who doesn't know how amazing it is to cross something off a to-do list... use one, you'll see. 
 So it is not an exciting time over here at the moment. But it's pretty nice. I am making a bit more time for myself to do things that are just for me. I have been reading a lot and working on finishing some horses. I likely will do more of both. Dappled gray still scares me, but if I mess up I can always just redo the horse. Soon I will need to start working on things for my next live sale. I think that one will be around my birthday again. I am definitely enjoying the slower pace. I hope I can continue this way. 

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