Saturday, December 12, 2020

I'll Name Her Crystal

     Other than my Little Elecktra doll, and my little boy doll that I call my Travis doll, my dolls don't really have names. Last week I made myself a doll, which is something I have not done in a long time. I think I'll name her Crystal. This doll doesn't actually look anything like Crystal, or anyone else I know, but she kept on telling me her name is Crystal. And who am I to argue with this little doll? Maybe I just miss my friend. Anyway, I decided to try out some fun photos. I have a 1:9 scale Christmas tree, but my ornaments have not arrived yet. I have not worked out an ideal set up for photos yet, but I had a good time. 
     I am also really happy because these photos are not show photos. Not that I don't want to have show photos, or take show photos, but these photos are in no way show photos. They could not be for anything other than fun. And I did have a good time. I am still working on figuring out lighting, but I did get some OK photos.
     Crystal seemed to enjoy hanging out in the comfy chair with a coffee and a stack of horse books. 
         She got to hang out with Abby, who wouldn't have a good time doing that?
     Really, who would not have a good time doing this?
     It looks like the flamingo might be stealing her coffee, but I don't think Crystal cares. Her little barn is in the background, waiting for some more work to get done for the Bridle Tree Barn raising challenge. But hanging out reading seems like an excellent choice for the day. 
     I definitely need to work on my lighting. And where I set everything up to take photos. That, as is the case with many things, is a work in progress. But I had a good time getting these photos. Now to work on improving the way I take them. 

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