Thursday, December 24, 2020

Distance Learning

        Travis is in school, in person, 5 days a week. Except on half days. Then he has remote days. He has a schedule to follow which includes online worksheets, different educational sites and a couple of sessions with different staff members. He needs a good amount of assistance to get into all of the different things he needs to do. So I get him into whatever part of his day he is into, keep my ears open, and get into whatever class I am into. 2020 is weird and we have all gotten pretty good at figuring these things out. 
     Wednesday Travis had a half day so I brought him to school with me in the morning. I figured it would be so much more convenient for him and I to do school from my classroom than from our kitchen table. 
      And it worked out quite well. Travis did his work, I did my work and when Travis's school day ended I brought him home to hang out with Ethan. I had a full day. It is really excellent that my principal lets us bring our kids to school if we need to. I have only had to do it once, but it worked out very nicely. A lot easier than working at the table. I still don't love distance learning for anyone, but I do love that we are all making it work the best we can. \
     In other news, my sister, Cathy, sent me these beautiful roses for Christmas. She said they reminded her a bit of my wedding flowers. I agree. They smell amazing. Most roses I have had over the years don't have much scent to them at all. But these are wonderful. And every time I look at them I think of Cathy. This year is sad because I don't get to see her. Maybe we can have a Zoom party. 
      I am looking forward to our nice long winter break. I have close to 2 weeks off and it is going to be amazing. Not getting up early, not having to be on the computer all the time. It sounds really wonderful. I am ready for a slower pace. 


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