Monday, December 21, 2020

New Horse

         I have not bought myself a performance horse in years. Other than Purdy Zippin Chick, I have not been all that interested in adding to my collection in the past few years. Maybe I was a bit burnt out, it happens. But this year I was more inspired. And I have been searching for some models I have sold that I really missed. I added Time Lord (my Indian Silver) back into my collection and Susan gifted me Partly Cloudy who is a close relative of my old Bold Endeavor resin Cloud Dancing. Thank you Larry Nichols for the name!

       I bought a new horse just this month. She was actually a partial trade, which is how I talked myself into buying her. That, and I asked Jennifer Buxton to talk me out of it, which I knew deep down she would tell me to buy the horse, lol. 

     I have no name for this new lady. But I am really glad she is part of my collection now. I am not super great at naming. Partly Cloudy wasn't super hard because I had a starting point and then help from a friend. Funny enough the name Field of Dolls was not even my idea. That one came from my friend Nancy Timm. I wanted to a new studio name and ran a contest. Nancy asked what my married name would be (this was shortly before I married Ethan) and I said Field and she came up with Field of Dolls and I instantly loved it. 

     With the addition of this lady I think it brings the total of horses that Jennifer and I have that are "twins" up to 3. Nameless is a lot like Love N Stuff. Time Lord and Rune are quite similar. And my Enchanted Eve looks a lot like Jennifer's Victrix that I can't remember the name of at the moment (and I could search it but maybe I am too lazy right now...). One of these years Jennifer and I need to get together with our twin horses and play. 


Mackenzie said...

Yay for new ponies! You could name her Lots of Love and play off of Love N Stuffs name lol

Braymere said...

Enchanted Eve's twin is Hummingbreeze. I love all our horsey pairs!

timaru star ii said...

At the moment all I can come up with is Stockin Stuffin. Just plain Stuffin? Perhaps later I'll have better ideas. Muffin? She looks Muffin-ish to me, but strong too, like a good honest working horse.

EvelynL. said...

I second the "Yay for new ponies!" Here's a suggestion: 'Nameless Love'